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When Superman lost his Cape

In 2007 my husband, Dan, was diagnosed with heart disease. He was an avid cyclist, biker, hiker, anything outdoors..We had no idea what this diagnoses meant for him or our family.

My Favorite picture of Dan (R) and his brother, Paul (L)

He was Superman to me. Dan was almost 12 years older than me, but, he taught me the importance of loving your body and taking care of it, especially as you age.

In our first 10 years of marriage we spent our weekends hiking and skiing. He would bike 30 miles in the morning and then hike a mountain with me in the afternoon.

Our very first date we went ice skating..

When Dan told me he was feeling light headed while biking in the summer of 2006, neither of us thought much of it.

He had several misdiagnosis of asthma and allergies, until finally his primary care sent him to a cardiologist just to "rule it out".

When we got the news that Dan had an enlarged heart, from birth, we were stunned. How is this even possible? He was in the best shape of anyone we knew. He exercised, ate well and took care of himself.

Doctors told us that if Dan hadn't been in the phenomenal shape he was in it would have manifested sooner. At the time he was 52.

Our whole life changed after the diagnosis. Cardiomyopathy stole so much from us. Gone were the days of hiking and skiing and now we dealt with medications, side affects from them and doctors visits.

It also came with many emotions that I wasn't prepared to deal with.